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Awards Gala
1 April 2017
The Acadian Court, Toronto

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        5:30 reception
        7:00 dinner+awards
        10:30 schmooze

Nominees and Special Honourees 2017

TV Magazine Cinematography

Nominated Finalists
Allan Leader csc
Colonist Car ( Daily Planet, Discovery Channel )

Lifestyle / Reality Cinematography

Nominated Finalists
Greg Bartels
The Potter (Hand Crafted)
Justin Lovell
Hallelujah (Choir! Choir! Choir! & Rufus Wainwright)
Frank Vilaca csc
Indonesia (Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan)

Webeo Cinematography

Nominated Finalists
Kristofer Bonnell
We Aren't Strangers
Goh Iromoto
The Path of Grey Owl
Christopher Lew
The Wall

Student Cinematography
Sponsored by Panavision Canada

Nominated Finalists
Alexandre Nour Desjardins
Days of Eva (Concordia University)
Robert Murdoch
Moods Like Jazz (York University)
Trish Young
Dread (Sheridan College)

Camera Assistant Award of Merit

For excellence and outstanding professionalism in
the performance of the AC duties and responsibilities.

Eric Bensoussan

Robert Brooks Award for Documentary Cinematography
Sponsored by Sony

Nominated Finalists
Stuart Campbell
Caribou Legs
Vic Sarin csc
Keepers of the Magic
John Minh Tran csc
Prison Fight

Dramatic Short Cinematography
Sponsored by REDLAB digital

Nominated Finalists
Todd M. Duym
André Pienaar csc, sasc
Mr. Bernstein
Philippe Roy
La Voce

Music Video Cinematography
Sponsored by Dazmo

Nominated Finalists
Liam Mitchell
Stadium Pow Wow (A Tribe Called Red)
Bobby Shore csc
Sic Em (Thugli)
Bobby Shore csc
Powerlines (Zoe Sky Jordan)

Youth Programming / Comedy / Multi-Camera Sitcom Cinematography

Nominated Finalists
Jonathon Cliff csc
Snake Man & Little Guy (People of Earth)
D. Gregor Hagey csc
Human Town
Samy Inayeh csc
Tinsel (Man Seeking Woman)

Branded / Corporate / Educational Cinematography

Nominated Finalists
Matt Bendo
Storm (Lamborghini/Armytrix/YST)
Cole Graham
Nocturnal Workshop (Eclipse)
D. Gregor Hagey csc
Onegin: Love. Honour. Passion (National Ballet of Canada)

Fritz Spiess Award for Commercial Cinematography
Sponsored by Whites Camera

Nominated Finalists
George Hosek csc
Private Banking (China Merchants Bank)
James Klopko csc
Where Am I (Ontario Tourism)
Adam Marsden csc
Crayons (Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism)
Jackson Parrell
Undeniable (Sick Isn't Weak) (SickKids Foundation)
André Pienaar csc sasc
Nuns (Spotify)

TV Drama Cinematography
Sponsored by the Sim Group

Nominated Finalists
David Moxness csc, asc
Dead of Summer (Patience)
Pasha Patriki csc
Ousama Rawi csc
Anne of Green Gables

TV Series Cinematography
Sponsored by Technicolor Toronto

Nominated Finalists
David A. Makin csc
Monsieur et Madame Bête (Beauty and the Beast)
Robert McLachlan csc, asc
Girl with Guitar (Ray Donovan)
Robert McLachlan csc, asc
Contrapasso (Westworld)
Gregory Middleton csc
Home (Game of Thrones)
Boris Mojsovski csc
Fatherland (12 Monkeys)

Theatrical Feature Cinematography
Sponsored by Deluxe

Nominated Finalists
Guy Godfree csc
David Moxness csc, asc
When the Bough Breaks
Ali Reggab csc
Larmes de Satan (Tears of Satan)

Special Honourees at 2017 CSC Awards

Bill Hilson Award

For outstanding contribution to the development of
the motion picture industry in Canada

Hendrik Van der Kolk
Toronto International Film Fesival (TIFF)

President's Award

For outstanding service to the
Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Guido Kondruss

Masters' Award

For outstanding contribution to the art of cinematography

David Greene csc, asc