CSC Workshop

Workshop: Advanced Post Workflows

Workshop promo, via Vimeo

A 1-day workshop that gives participants the opportunity to learn how to work with a professional DIT for onset Look management and a professional Colourist at a high end lab for the final colour correct.

Both the DP/DIT and DP/Colourist relationship will be explored as well as the technical aspects of each stage of the process.

Instruction will include:
      - Shooting a simple setup to explore different looks
      - Brief reference to camera settings and lighting choices
      - the DP/DIT relationship
      - DIT kit (computer, software, monitors, ... )
      - DIT live grading demonstration
      - Discussion of look management (LUTs, CDL values, ACES, ...)
      - the DP/Colourist relationship
      - Colourist tools (software, colour panel, projector/monitor)
      - Screen review initial tests to see if the intended look has been achieved
      - Explore different grading options, including
                - secondaries
                - power windows
                - nodes
                - denoise
                - grain emulation
                - channel blurring
                - tracking
                - ...

Schedule of Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers many other workshops to advance cinematography skills.

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