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Workshop: Camera Modules

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It seems that every couple of months a new camera appears on the scene. Camera Professionals need to keep up to date on the workings of each of these new systems.

Each Camera Module workshop is conducted in a single-day, concentrating on a particular camera system, to provide comprehensive overviews and in-depth knowledge of that system.

One version of the workshop is addressed to the specific responsibilities of Camera Assistants, typically scheduled for a Saturday. This version may be considered an extension to the CSC Camera Assistant Workshop. Participants will learn how to assemble the camera from the ground up. Instructors will cover in depth any particularities of each system, and go over pros and cons.

A second version of the workshop is addressed to the needs of Directors of Photography, typically scheduled for the day immediately following the Camera Assistant's version. Participants are given hands-on experience to keep on top of the current technology. As well, a CSC DoP who has experience on the workshop's specific camera system will hold an open discusion about the pros+cons+ideosyncrasies of it.

Individuals who have attended the previous day's Camera Module for Camera Assistants may also attend the DoP version of the workshop, at their option and without extra charge.

Schedule of Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers many other workshops to advance cinematogrphy skills.

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