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Workshop: Camera Movement

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Next to lighting, camera movement is probably the most important way to help define the look of a scene or create a mood for a film. Having a thorough understanding how to use these tools is essential for today's cinematographer.

The options for camera movement are vast. As a Director of Photography, it is your responsibility to make the right creative choice that works within the scale of the project you are working on. Whether it be table top photography or a full scale feature film you are constantly faced with the challenges of making complex decisions on equipment that is always changing.

With the recent innovation of gimbal technology these decisions are even more complex. Why choose a steadicam over a MOVI? Should this shot be handheld or is it better loose on a tripod head? Is a telescoping crane the right tool? Or can I do the same with a dolly?

Led by a CSC Cinematographer, this course will cover the ins and outs of a variety of options with hands on access and demonstrations of the tools being discussed.

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