CSC Workshop

Workshop: Lens Testing Module

How do you know the lens you want to use is what you expect it to be? That it functions properly? That it matches the rest of the lens set you are using? . . . . TEST IT!

The CSC Lens Testing workshop is a module specifically developed to teach the various methods of testing lenses for cinematography. Our Instructors will provide in-depth methods to help you find accurate results when testing multiple lenses.




Instruction will include:

      - Theory:
                - Collimation
                - Depth of Focus
                - Back Focus
                - Flange Depth
                - Circle of Confusion
                - Depth of Field
                - Colour Matching

      - Demos:
                - Collimator
                - MTF Machine
                - Lens Projector

      - Prep of Lenses, Testing Area

      - Testing Lenses for Film Productions:
                - Spherical / Anamorphic
                - Primes / Zooms

      - Testing Lenses for Digital Productions

      - Special Conditions:
                - eye versus tape
                - zoom lenses
                - tele-extenders
                - underwater
                - 3D situation

      - Interpretting the Results
                - tabulating the findings
                - micro-examining test films

      lensProjector             TestChart

Schedules and Complementary Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers several camera module workshops that allow on-going skills upgrade to assistants and more hand-on experience with specific equipment at various providers.

Refer to the Education-Index webpage for details regarding all schedules, offerings and applications.