CSC Workshop

Workshop: Acting With Cameras

Workshop promo, via Vimeo

To help the actor maintain professionalism in front of the camera, the CSC offers a 1-day workshop on the art and craft of acting that is recorded with a camera.

The course will be conducted by a director of photography who will share their knowledge of working with professional film and television series actors so that participants can gain valuable experience necessary to work with various camera setups and learn how to be at home in front of the camera.

Instruction will include:
      - Finding your light
      - Axis / Eyeline
      - Working with camera movements (eg: standing up / walking)
      - How to preserve energy
      - Adjusting your acting for various lenses
      - Camera team crew members and their functions
      - How to help the camera team
      - The role of a Director of Photography (DoP)
      - Identify camera equipment and its functions
      - Safety

Participation means Experience
The workshop will be participatory, with each actor going on-camera to better understand their interaction with the various camera setups used for close-ups, medium shots, etc. Participants will work on a set, with multiple cameras and a full camera crew including a director of photography.

The number of participants will be limited to ensure everyone gets sufficient on-camera time.

Schedule of Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers many other workshops to advance on-set skills.

Refer to the Education-Index webpage for details regarding all schedules, offerings and applications.