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CSC's 50th Anniversary (2007)

A 50th anniversary is a significant achievement.

For the CSC, it is a time to stand back and admire the work of great cinematographers who led the way, and to let their accomplishments inspire us to maintain a vigorous Society for the next half century.

An anniversary is a stepping stone to the future as well as an opportunity, a duty, to pay homage to the past.

Clips about the Start of the CSC
CSC 50-th Anniversary DVD - part C: The Start
Featuring Robert Crone csc, Roger Moride csc
CSC 50-th Anniversary DVD - part D: Risky Business
Featuring Jim Mercer csc, Maurice Jackson-Samuels csc
CSC 50-th Anniversary DVD - part F: Meaning
Featuring Roger Moride csc, Roger Racine csc, Bob Crone csc,
Maurice Jackson-Samuels csc, Kelly Duncan csc, Herb Alpert csc