CSC Connections

Information regarding CSC Sponsorship

Cinematographers and suppliers to the industry have long enjoyed a special relationship through the unique association provided by the CSC's corporate sponsorship program.

The CSC invites companies, such as manufacturers, provisioners of equipment and supplies, media processing facilities and others, to join with the Society in promoting and advancing motion imaging cinematography. Businesses are admitted with a very reasonable annual sponsorship fee, and no separate initiation charge.

Sponsors take an active and rewarding role in the many and varied events conducted by the CSC, such as the annual CSC Awards Gala each spring, where sponsors have a high-profile connection with established and emerging members while celebrating the accomplishments of Canada's best cinematographers in an array of competitive categories. Many sponsors unfurl their corporate banners at the gala (literally or digitally), invite special guests, and contribute generous support in many other ways. Executives of sponsor companies are periodically asked to present various awards, and some awards have occasionally been bestowed to a sponsor company/principal in recognition of the contributions to the CSC or to the industry.

Opportunities are also provided during our regular professional development courses and workshops, which represent a mutual commitment to the future of the industry. Sponsors are also encouraged to attend the CSC's regular meetings and to provide demonstrations of their products and latest technology.

Our publication Canadian Cinematographer reports on these presentations and welcomes articles from sponsors, who also enjoy exclusive advertising privileges. Canadian Cinematographer is published 10 times a year, monthly except July and August, with a wide range of illustrated production and technical features, personal and corporate profiles, and informative columns. Many sponsors find this publication and its associated access on our website to be an especially effective venue for advertisements.

Further information about sponsorship may be obtained by phoning the CSC office
or by sending an email via the email link on the right of this page.