CSC Workshop

Workshop: Lighting (Faces)

Workshop promo, via Vimeo

The CSC believes that the best training comes from doing.

This is a hands-on workshop conducted over 2 days by accomplished cinematographers, offering participants practical knowledge on the fundamentals of achieving the most efficient and captivating lighting setups.

Not Your Typical 3-Point Lighting
Lighting faces isn't a one-size-fits-all setup. Accredited "csc" instructors will demonstrate the importance of background geometry, perspective, texture and colour for the best camera placement.

In this workshop we will focus on ways to create natural and pleasant lighting setups that will benefit both you and your clients.


Instruction will include:
      - hard and soft lighting
      - contrast ratios
      - broad, short and glamour lighting
      - types of light fixtures
      - light control
      - modeling
      - depth of field
      - colour temperature
      - inverse square law
      - composition
      - single and two camera setups

Schedule of Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers many other workshops to advance cinematography skills.

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