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Workshop: Cinematic Lighting

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The CSC believes that the best training comes from doing.

This is a hands-on workshop conducted over 2 days by accomplished cinematographers, offering participants comprehensive knowledge on the fundamentals of practical lighting setups.

Participants will work in groups and will alternate the roles of DoP, camera operator, camera assistant and gaffer. Each group is assigned a digital camera package and access to a gaffer and electric. Actors will be on hand to contribute to effective blocking and lighting setups. Content shot will be critiqued at the end of each day.

Instruction will include:
      - lighting concepts and theory
      - colour temperature
      - gels for colour and diffusion
      - types of light fixtures
      - types of light fixtures
                - open face
                - fresnel
                - HMI
                - fluorescent
                - LED
      - grip equipment
      - light meter operation
      - single and two camera setups

A course manual will be provided. .

Participants are encouraged to bring a light meter (if they have one) for the practical exercises.

Schedule of Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers many other workshops to advance cinematography skills.

Refer to the Education-Index webpage for details regarding all schedules, offerings and applications.

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