CSC Workshop

Workshop: Lighting (TableTop)

The CSC has created this course to handle the cinematographic lighting techniques specific to "small/confined" areas. The term "table top" is commonly used to describe such areas, even when there is no table in the scene, and the area may even be somewhat larger than a typical table.

During this workshop, discussions and exercises will be limited to an area that fulfills this understanding of a "table top".


Instruction will include:
      - the psychological approach to advertising of products
            either stationary or while being used.
      - Understanding the approach to specifics products
            and how best to photograph them.
      - Learn about the various lighting instruments required
            for this kind of application.
      - How to evaluate the special requirements, both aesthetically
            as well as technically to achieve the intended results.
      - How to apply special techniques and the methods for
            lighting a variety of products, surfaces and textures.

Not a basic workshop - prerequisite knowledge expected

Participants are required to a a good understanding and working knowledge of lighting techniques as in the CSC's Cinematic Lighting workshop.


Schedule of Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers many other workshops to advance cinematography skills.

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