CSC Distinguished Member

Fritz Spiess csc

( 1925 - 1998 )

CSC Member #10
At founding of CSC in Nov'1957.

2nd Elected CSC President

"Dean of Canadian Cinematography"

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Milestones / Key Awards
CSC Bill Hilson Award (1973)
Development of the Motion Picture industry
CSC Fuji Award (1983)
Service to the CSC
CSC Kodak New Century Award (1987)
Master in the Art of Cinematography
TVB Bessies creates Fritz Spiess Award (1979)
Excellence in the Art of the Television Commercial
TVB Bessies honours Fritz Spiess with Award
(1979) 1st recipient of Fritz Spiess Award
CSC Award for Commercial Cinematography
(1974, 1979)
CSC names Commercials Award after Fritz

Professional History
Die Thomaner
(1941) first film, 45 minutes
at age 16 while student
St.Thomas School, Leipzig, Germany
Commercial Photography
(1951-1954) Panda Photography, Toronto
Don't Hurry Past
(1956) Public Service 16mm film
Children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy
Cameraman for TV Commercials
(1954-1958) S.W.Caldwell
Inuit Art Anthropological Film
(1958) Documentary 35mm footage
For UofT professor Edmund Carpenter
Telephone Association Pavilion at Expo-67
Panoramic scenes across Canada
"Canada'67" for Walt Disney Company
Using 9-camera CircleVision technology
Directory of Photography
(1958-1967) Robert Lawrence Productions
Dove Soap
... and more

(1967-1976) TDF Film Productions
Air Canada
General Motors
Molsons & OKeefe Beers
Ontario Milk Marketing
Royal Bank
Salvation Army
TD Bank
... and many many more

(1976-1987) Schulz Productions
Avon Cosmetics
Black & Decker
Boy Scouts
Campbell Soup
Carlsberg Beer
Egg Marketing Board
Gulf Oil
Ivory Soap
Labatt Beer
John Howard Society
Oil of Olay
Pure Spring
Shoppers Drug Mart
... and many many more

(1987-1991) Rawi-Sherman Films
... and more
Selected Clips
Commercial for Clairtone
(1967) 60 seconds
Featuring "Used" Colour TVs
Commercial for Esso
(1966) 90 seconds
Gasoline, Seasons Change
Commercial for Esso
(1968) 60 seconds
Hot Water, Army
Commercial for Esso
(1971) 30 seconds
Hot Water, Kitchen