CSC Distinguished Members

Robert Brooks csc

( 1929 - 2005 )

CSC Member #25
At founding of CSC in Nov'1957

Co-wrote original CSC Bylaws
1st Elected CSC President

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Milestones / Key Awards
CSC Bill Hilson Award (1976)
Development of the Motion Picture industry
CSC Award (1982)
Variations on a Theme - Unit Train (CNR)
Documentary Cinematography
CSC Kodak New Century Award (1989)
Master in the Art of Cinematography
1994 Sports Emmy Award
  - Film Cinematographers
Lillehammer '94: 16 Days of Glory
(Disney Channel - Cappy Productions)
Gold Plaque Award (1996) - Documentary
Helen Lucas - Her Journey / Our Journey
Chicago International Film Festival
Recognition Plaque
Variety - The Children's Charity
Generous support and ongoing assistance
Recognition Plaque
Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television
Development of ACCT cinematographic juries
CSC Fuji Award (2000)
Service to the CSC

Professional History
Feature Films (DoP)
Lions for Breakfast
A Sweeter Song (*)
Deadly Harvest (*)
Official Olympic Films (DoP)
Calgary '88 - 16 Days of Glory
Seoul '88 - 16 Days of Glory
Lillehammer '94 - 16 Days of Glory (*)
Atlanta '96 - 16 Days of Glory
Feature Length Documentaries (DoP)
The Making of the Terry Fox Story
Limits to Growth
One Man's Music is another Man's Noise
TV Documentaries and Information Programs
Curtain Call (1996)
The Life and Times of Bob White (1996)
Diabetes - Where’s the Cure (1996)
Helen Lucas - Her Journey - Our Journey (1996)
Proud Waves Break
Rebel with a Cause
Hymns to Freedom
Quanak & Napachie - More Than Throat Singers
Canada's Native Peoples
Beyond Glooscap
Snow Snake
Nehiyow and Kwe Kwe
Dreams, Myths and Memories
Listen to the Talking Earth
NHL Hockey, including
      official Stanley Cup film for 18 years
CFL Football, including
      official Grey Cup film for 23 years
Films of sports legends: Gilles Villeneuve,
      Jean Beliveau, Rocket Richard, Juan Fangio
F1 car racing films for CTV, ABC, CBC
Official films for horse racing, curling, golf, ...
People Patterns (series for TV Ontario)
Hands Over Time (series for TV Ontario)
Humber College, Film & Television Production
      (Past Chair & Advisory Committee member)
Medical films, including
      techniques by eminent surgeons
Selected Clip Extracts
From Our Hands
TV series about Crafts
(TV Ontario)
Birds of a Different Feather
Educating the Special Child
(TV Ontario)
Lions for Breakfast
(Feature Film 1974)
Cape Dorset Artists
(CBC Primetime News)
Open Ceremony Intro
Seoul '88 : 16 Days of Glory
(Summer Olympics Film)
Segment: Calvin Smith
Seoul '88 : 16 Days of Glory
(Summer Olympics Film)
Segment: Greg Louganis
Seoul '88 : 16 Days of Glory
(Summer Olympics Film)
Closing Credits
Seoul '88 : 16 Days of Glory
(Summer Olympics Film)