CSC Knowledge

CSC members have extraordinary knowledge regarding the technology and art of the moving image. Some of their experience is shared here ... .

Daniel Grant csc (2016 May)
Documentary Feature “The Messenger”

Gerald Packer csc (2016 Apr)
TV series “Schitt's Creek”

Brett Van Dyke csc (2016 Feb)
TV series “Backstage”

Adam Marsden csc (2016 Feb)
Music Video "Hotline Bling"

Jeremy Benning csc (2015 Apr)
Sci-fi TV series "The Expanse"

Dylan Macleod csc (2014 Dec & 2015 Apr)
Film "He Hated Pigeons"

D. Gregor Hagey csc (2013 Jan)
TV series "Beauty and the Beast"