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The CSC has grown with the country’s film and television industry, and continues to uphold the objectives for which the not-for-profit organization was founded.

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  • 2024 CSC AWARDS

    Congratulations to the Winners & Nominees of the 2024 CSC Awards!

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  • CSC holding its first ever workshop for Indigenous cinematographers in Winnipeg

    The CSC announced its first workshop – IndigiLens – aimed at Indigenous cinematographers to be held in Winnipeg on May 25 – 27.

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  • Zoe Dirse CSC Appointed CSC President

    The Canadian Society of Cinematographers proudly announces the appointment of Zoe Dirse CSC as its new President. 

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The CSC is committed to improving access to opportunity in the film and television industry as well as professional development in the form of workshops, our internship program and the Field of View Mentorship program.

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Happy Mother’s Day Mum! Thank you for being the most bad ass woman in the world, and for sharing your love of movies 💙
So much talent in one room at The 67th CSC Awards! Thank you to our Awards Committee and Volunteers for putting on a spectacular evening at The Carlu! 

Big shout out to all our sponsors supporting us! Congrats to the Winners and Nominees! 

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Congratulations to our 2024 CSC Awards Winners!

See the full list of nominees and winners at #cscawards2024 Glambot provided by @spstudioscanada #glambot
#christopherlewcsc @christopher_lew 

**Sound On** 

This is a montage of wardrobe, HMU, exposure, gimbal, and lighting tests for a film I shot in 2021 called Riceboy Sleeps. 

@anthonyshim, the writer/director, shared a song with me in prep called Arirang, one of the most famous Korean songs. It’s hundreds of years old, and encapsulates many of the feelings and themes we were going for. This version was made by our composer @holyhum. It’s a moving piece of music. 

After we shot the tests, I cut together the song over the images. I’ll make a short mood edit before a film as a reminder to myself of what we’re trying to accomplish - the feeling we’re trying to create. The process of making a feature film is long, chaotic and always evolving. I’ve found myself in the past losing focus of my original intentions. I watched this regularly through out principle photography. 

I find music is the most valuable source of inspiration. I’ll make a playlist for every film and use it as a daily soundtrack. Coming back to them years later, it’s like finding an old mp3 player. It transports me to the thoughts and feelings of that time. Watching this today, I’m brought back to the hot summer in Vancouver in 2021. I’m sad those times have passed, but grateful to have experienced them. 

We shot on 500T 7219 on an Arri 416 with Zeiss Ultra 16 lenses, and over exposed by 1/2 to 1 full stop. A more technical deep dive into Riceboy Sleeps is available in the Spring 2023 issue of Canadian Cinematographer Magazine, available online at the CSC website. 

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