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The CSC has grown with the country’s film and television industry, and continues to uphold the objectives for which the not-for-profit organization was founded.

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  • Celebrating our members at VIFF 2023

    VIFF runs from September 28 – October 8 2023.

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  • Celebrating our members at TIFF 2023

    CSC congratulates members whose films were selected for the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

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  • The 2024 Field of View Mentorship Program: Empowering Diversity and Growth Behind the Lens

    Applications for the 2024 Field of View Mentorship Program are now open.

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The CSC is committed to improving access to opportunity in the film and television industry as well as professional development in the form of workshops, our internship program and the Field of View Mentorship program.

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In a recent account of her mentorship experience, @tessgirard describes the journey as transformative. “It’s given me the resources, and confidence to work with larger crews, equipment & setups that I’d never done before. Beyond that, in a full circle moment, on the sets I’ve been working on lately, I strive to create all-female, LGBTQ & BIPOC crews, while also mentoring these individuals. One mentorship multiplies into many.”

The #CSCFieldofView Mentorship Program is not just a program—it’s a pivotal catalyst for cultivating a culture of continuous learning & empowerment. Thank you to our members for your ongoing commitment to this program.
Registration for mentors has been extended until September 30. See link in bio.
A new episode of the CSC Audio Files is up on Spotify! Brought to you by @rosco_labs, hosted by @kaayla_whachell, & featuring Jesse Wicklund (@jjwiklund). 

The inherent love for film as a ten year old was encouraged by Jesse’s grandfather. Watching VHS tapes and DVD's, Jesse was enamoured by moving pictures and began his journey as a filmmaker.

Listen via the link in our bio.

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The CSC held an unprecedented Virtual Production Masterclass this summer that left participant @gurmeetsingh_dp feeling like “I was entering uncharted territory in cinematography.”
The initiative was the brainchild of @philiplanyon csc (@startreknetflix), who developed the curriculum in conjunction with @bucketheadsfilm creators @marcobossow & @the_real_andy_brown of Transmute Pictures. @christophermably csc (@startreknetflix) also joined in co-teaching the lighting module. The Masterclass is part of the CSC’s effort to fill the labour market gap in virtual production. Read more via the link in bio.
A new episode of #CSCAudioFiles is up on Spotify! Brought to you by @rosco_labs, hosted by Byron Wong, featuring @andrespgaliciadop. 

Hailing from Mexico, Andres opens up about staying resilient in an industry that can appear more intimidating than it actually is. Staying open and humble leaves doors open, if you are open to it.

Listen via the link in our bio. 

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A new episode of the #CSCAudioFiles is up on Spotify! Brought to you by @rosco_labs, hosted by @kaayla_whachell & featuring @jon.b.elliott.

The love for filmmaking starts in childhood. Jon brings us back to the early memory of watching Jurassic Park for the first time with his grandmother. From there, he began making homemade movies with his brothers. The rest is history and a bright future ahead of many more stories to tell.

Listen via the link in bio.

#CSC #CSCmembers #canadiansocietyofcinematographers #podcasts #filmmaking
Registration is now open for the 2024 #CSCFieldofView Mentorship Program! 

The program aims to make the cinematography profession more inclusive & foster diversity behind the camera. Register as a mentor & apply as a mentee by September 15, 2023. 

Click the link in our bio for more information.
CSC board chair, @guygodfree csc, recently had the privilege of joining the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) panel at the ASC Annual Summit, discussing ways to foster a more inclusive industry.  Click the link in our bio to read more about our commitment to building a diverse future for cinematography. 

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