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Published 10 times a year, our magazine is mailed to all members in paper form and is available digitally via this website as well. Each issue delves into the careers, techniques and stories of our members, as well as in-depth tech articles on the latest equipment and methods coming on the horizon.

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Canadian Cinematographer is published by the CSC and is an embodiment of the Society’s philosophy to foster and promote the art of cinematography.  The magazine does so by championing the successes and initiatives of the CSC membership through the production of informative articles that are pertinent to cinematographers and to the film community at large.

Joan Hutton csc, EIC
November 5, 2019

CSC Magazine

From the Editor – June 2021 Issue

It brings me great pleasure to announce that the print version of Canadian Cinematographer will be relaunched this coming September. What a difference a year makes. In June 2020, the magazine’s administration made the difficult decision to place Canadian Cinematographer’s hardcopy edition on hiatus. The COVID-19 pandemic was in full nefarious bloom, vaccines and personal protection gear were in short supply, while restrictions and lockdowns had taken on a whole new meaning in everyone’s lives. It was a time of economic and financial uncertainty that left no one immune, including our film and television industry, and certainly not the CSC. It seemed prudent at the time to invoke efficiencies to protect the magazine as a continuous periodical. Publishing a print magazine is costly, so that part of Canadian Cinematographer was laid to rest until now.

Our industry has adapted remarkably well to working under the constant duress of a pandemic. Sets have become enclosed bubbles where face shields, masks and gloves are now mandatory equipment. COVID safety protocols are strictly enforced by special personnel, and COVID testing is done every third day if not daily. Just the whiff of a possible COVID infection is enough to close down a set until an all clear is sounded. Not an ideal situation for shooting films, but doable and necessary. Because we’ve played well by the rules, production has been soaring in Canada. Some are saying 2020-21 will prove to be banner years for the industry despite the pandemic.

I would also like to thank the 145 CSC members who responded to our email questionnaire about the magazine. Your time, effort and interest in helping guide the content of Canadian Cinematographer is much appreciated. The survey is comprised of five pointed questions designed to gauge how CSC members read the magazine as to their likes and dislikes. The findings will help us improve the magazine to better engage its readership. The survey results and comments by participants will be published in the September issue. It should make for some very interesting reading.

Everyone, have a terrific and safe summer.

Joan Hutton csc
Editor in Chief

CSC Magazine

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