Privacy Policy

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) respects each person’s privacy and personal information. There are situations in which we collect data, essentially to enhance your experience or to respond to your request.

It is CSC policy to collect and store only personal information that is knowingly provided.

Information about our members and our directors is provided on various areas of the website, including directory listings and searchable publications, only to the extent for promoting their career and reputation. Each listed individual is given the opportunity for specifying which details may be provided in these listings.

For our own internal use, the CSC retains personal information that may be more than an individual has authorized for public use. We keep such information confidential, and do not store it in digital form on any publically accessible platform.

The CSC does not provide any contact information about any members, other than what each member has authorized for the CSC web directory, for any outside party. For clarity, the CSC web directory does not list email addresses, so it is intended that they are not shared at all, and it details a restriction on the use of information from that web directory.

Use of ‘Cookies’

Cookies might be implemented in various parts of the CSC site.

Most web browsers have settings allowing you to decide whether you will permit the use of cookies or not. If you choose to decline cookies, the result is typically the loss of certain conveniences such as session continuity and re-authentication during current or future sessions. As well, denying cookies might also interfere with access to some controlled sections of the website now or in the future.


The CSC sends emails regarding national and local events, news, and pertinent information. The administrative office will try to accommodate requests to opt out of such emails.

Links to 3rd Parties

The CSC website does contain links to other sites.

The CSC is not responsible for the terms or privacy practices of any such sites that you reach from a CSC webpage, either directly or indirectly.

Legal Requests

The CSC obeys the laws of Canada regarding our responsibility to divulge any information about you for a legal investigation that has been authorized within proper regulatory/judicial processes.

Financial Transactions

The CSC does accept payments via selected credit cards for various fees, events, services and products. Information required to process such payments may be provided by phone or online at the payer’s preference.

For one online method, the CSC uses secure encrypted interfaces to request and receive the required information, via an online form that details the item(s) and amount(s) being paid, any applicable added tax, the total for charge to the credit card, and the credit card information for processing by the CSC office.

For another online method, the CSC uses secure encrypted interfaces to request and receive the required information, via an online form that details the item(s) and amount(s) being paid, any applicable added tax and the total for charge to the credit card; All of this is tagged with a CSC transaction reference. The payer is then linked automatically to a reputable secure transaction processing service that is provided only with the total amount and transaction reference. This integrated link allows the payer to authorize the transaction directly without providing any financial information to the CSC. After the payment has been authorized, the CSC receives information correlating the financial authorization with the transaction details.

Regardless of the precautions taken by the CSC, yourself, and the secure financial processing service, the security of information passed across the internet cannot be guaranteed. Consequently the CSC cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit via this site, and you transmit such information at your own risk.


Charges from the CSC are primarily various fees, events, services and products. Information required to process such payments may be provided by phone or online at the payer’s preference.

There are no refunds (either full or pro-rated) for any fees that have been paid. Charges for advertising in a print or digital CSC publication that has already been committed to production are also non-refundable.

Many of the chargeable CSC events involve significant advance commitments to 3-rd party suppliers. Consequently, a payment for participating in such events is generally not refundable if you miss the event, for any reason. If you contact the CSC administrative office by email well in advance of the event, they can advise if any consideration can be made for your non-participation.

If an event is cancelled for any reason, the CSC will offer the option of applying corresponding prepayments to another CSC chargeable item, or to be issued a suitable refund.

The CSC accepts no liability for any amount other than the CSC charges.

Safe and Respectful Workplaces

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) has long-established policies for members to support and uphold the civil rights of all residents of Canada, and we heartily endorse the Code of Conduct initially formulated by Canadian Cultural Industries; this code is detailed below for your reference.

We have instituted our own initiative to help foster a safe and respectful workplace, in partnership with any production company that is committed to this goal. The basis of this commitment is to designate a specific location (such as the camera truck) as a neutral haven, where any production individual may seek refuge from inappropriate conduct

Get The CSC’s “Safe and Respectful Workplace” Poster Here (In English)

Get The CSC’s “Safe and Respectful Workplace” Poster Here (En Fran├žais)

The link in the above line allows anyone to download a PDF that details this commitment and provides specific contact information relative to the particular production.

We encourage all camera teams and all production managers to complete this PDF and have it posted prominently in the camera truck with the agreement of production management. This document may have its four sections completed by hand or by filling in those fields in a PDF application.

The Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct confirms the commitment to safe and respectful workplaces and to an industry free of harassment including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.

Harassment can take many forms including unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate jokes or texts, threats, and other unwelcome verbal, written, visual or physical communication or conduct.

Everyone has a responsibility to build safe and respectful workplaces.

Harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence can affect individuals at every level of the industry. Promoting increased gender equality and diversity is one way to break down barriers and reduce or eliminate these behaviours.

The principles espoused in this Code are applicable to all work and work-related environments. These can include but are not limited to, auditions or casting meetings, job interviews, industry events, festivals, awards, company functions, production studios and sets (whether local or remote), offices and rehearsal and performance

Supporters of this Code will lead by example by upholding the highest standards of respect, encouraging the good-faith reporting of complaints concerning harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence and cooperating in the investigation of such complaints.

[extracted from ReadTheCode.ca]