November 07, 2021

Canadian Society of Cinematographers announce $3.75 million campaign in the pursuit of equity in the film and television industry

(Toronto) Just ahead of the opening of CSC’s 64th Annual Awards Virtual Gala, Paul Bronfman announced the public launch of the organization’s The Future is Calling Campaign, an initiative aimed at increasing equity, diversity, and access of opportunity to the film and television industry in Canada.

Bronfman, Chairman/CEO of Comweb Corp., Co-Chairman/Senior Advisor of William F. White International Inc., Chairman of Pinewood Toronto Studios Inc., and longtime supporter of the CSC is chairing the effort.

“Eighteen months ago, just as the pandemic began to take hold, and we saw ugly racial violence broadcast on our screens, the Board of Directors of the CSC made the decision that the pursuit of equity and diversity in the film and television industry in Canada was going to be its priority,” he told an audience of industry leaders, award nominees and friends of CSC on Sunday at CSC’s 64th Annual Awards Virtual Gala.

“It’s my pleasure to let you know today that we are officially launching The Future is Calling Campaign and that we’ve raised 1.97 million dollars, over half of our 3.75-million-dollar campaign goal.”

The funds raised will support a national community outreach effort, internship, mentorship, and education programs, making sure the ability to learn about advancing technology is available to all, and the creation of a central operations hub in Toronto, a place where people can gather, and content can be made.

The biggest names in the business have stepped forward and are leading the effort says Bronfman including:

  • ARRI
  • Comweb Corp., The Paul Bronfman Family Foundation
  • Picture Shop
  • Sim
  • Sony
  • William F. White International
  • Members of the CSC

Now that the campaign is in its public phase, the Campaign Cabinet will be reaching out to philanthropic and government support, as well as having continued discussions with prospective support in the industry itself and will continue until June 2022.

The Campaign Cabinet includes:
Paul Bronfman, Toronto, Comweb Corp., William F. White International, Pinewood Toronto Studios

Cabinet Members

  • Ken Anderson, Vancouver, Sim
  • Peter Crithary, New York, ARRI
  • Manny Danelon, Toronto, The Expanse
  • Grace Carnale-Davis, Toronto, Picture Shop
  • Stosh Durbacz, Toronto, Fujifilm; PERG
  • Stephanie Fagan, Toronto, Keslow Camera
  • Francois Gauthier, Toronto, ARRI
  • Trevor Huys, Toronto, William F. White International Inc.
  • Jennifer Mallette, Toronto, William F. White International Inc.
  • James Martin, Los Angeles, Inspired Image Picture Company
  • Rob Riselli, Sudbury, Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION)
  • Mark Saddleton, Toronto, Sony
  • Jim Teevan, Toronto, Sim
  • Ken Thasan, Toronto, HD Source Inc.
  • Court Weeks, Vancouver, Keslow Camera
  • Kate Wisman, Toronto, Picture Shop

From CSC

  • Jeremy Benning csc, Toronto
  • Guy Godfree csc Toronto
  • Rion Gonzales, Toronto
  • Philip Lanyon csc, Vancouver
  • Bruno Philip csc, Montreal
  • Claudine Sauvé csc, Montreal

Campaign Management Team

  • Penny Watier, Toronto
  • Susan Saranchuk, Toronto
  • Gail Picco, Toronto

For more information about The Future is Calling Campaign, please contact:

Gail Picco, Campaign Director, 416-799-1993
Susan Saranchuk, Executive Officer, 416-266-0591