February 15, 2022

Congratulations to our CSC members for their 2022 Canadian Screen Awards nominations!

  • Daniel Grant CSC for All my Puny Sorrows
  • Pierre Gill CSC for You Will Remember Me / Tu te Souviendras de Moi
  • Vince Arvidson CSC for The Magnitude of All Things
  • Rita Leistner, Associate Member for Forest for the Trees 
  • Tess Girard, Associate Member for Drifting Snow
  • Samy Inayeh CSC for Coroner
  • Fraser Brown CSC for The Hardy Boys
  • Maya Bankovic CSC for I Was Lorena Bobbitt
  • Pierre Gill CSC for Transplant
  • Vinit Borrison CSC for Faith Heist
  • James Klopko CSC for Kim’s Convenience 
  • Jim Westenbrink CSC for Letterkenny 
  • Stephen Reizes CSC for Sort of 
  • Ben Lichty, Associate Member for Workin’ Moms
  • Monica Guddat, Associate Member for Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery 
  • Michael Grippo CSC for Kids Vs. Screens
  • Christian Bielz CSC for The Last Walrus
  • John Minh Tran csc for Borealis

Click here to view the full list of nominations.