July 12, 2023

CSC Members Among 2023 Emmy Nominees

CSC congratulates the members who have been nominated for 2023 Emmy Awards:

  • Outstanding Cinematography For A Series (Half-Hour): Dean Cundey CSC ASC (The Mandalorian)
  • Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program: C. Kim Miles CSC ASC MYSC (Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie)
Still from “The Mandalorian “Chapter 20: The Foundling.” (IMDB)

Dean Cundey CSC ASC, a dean of cinematography both in Canada and the U.S., has been given an Emmy nod for Outstanding Cinematography For A Series (Half-Hour) for The Mandalorian “Chapter 20: The Foundling.” A full member of the CSC since 2001, Cundey’s film credits include Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Apollo 13.

“A cinematographer is lucky if they find themselves at the photographic helm of a single, culture-defining movie,” says Josh Wiess on syfy.com. “Dean Cundey stands as the exception to the rule with a jaw-dropping list of seminal films that benefitted from his work as director of photography.”

The Guardian called Season 3 of The Mandalorian, “thrillingly weird western where the gifts just keep on coming …” 

C. Kim Miles CSC ASC MYSC, a full member of the CSC since 2006, received a nomination for Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program for his work on Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, which The Guardian called “an intimate, uplifting star portrait.” Fox, the film’s subject, is a hero both here at home and the world over, not only for his star turns in Family Ties and Back to the Future, but because of the way he has dealt with being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at the age of 30. 

Michael J. Fox in “STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie.”

Miles is an accomplished cinematographer whose work includes Welcome to Marwen, Lost in Space, Home Before Dark and Project Blue Book, for which he was awarded Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in an Episode of a Series for Commercial Television by the ASC in 2020.  In November 2022, he conducted a workshop, Cinematic Lighting for Miniatures, for CSC members in Vancouver.

C. Kim Miles CSC ASC MYSC with Director, Davis Guggenheim in “STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie.”

The 75th Emmy Awards were planned for September 18, but have been postponed to an unspecified date due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

– By CSC Staff