CSC Workshops: Colour Science for Cinema Cameras | LED Lighting Theory for Cinematography

Webinar held on May 30, 2021. Kino Flo Founder Frieder Hoccheim gives an extensive presentation on LED colour science, and how different digital camera sensors read the same light sources differently and how to plan for this and understand how to manage these factors.

Points of interest along the way included a discussion about the tools for measuring spectral indexes and how they relate to the reproduction of true white light for modern motion picture and television production. Hochheim dives into a comparative report on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI), IES TM-30-15, and the Spectral Similarity Index (SSI).

  • Spectral response differences in cameras
  • Colour Gamut on various devices
  • Differences in “White Light” spectrum
  • Challenges of colour matching between manufacturers of lighting
  • How to use Gamut and XY in matching gel colous
  • Use of camera profiles to account for differences in camera response


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