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On June 11th, the CSC’s Diversity Committee (DC) hosted a closed-session webinar for all our members, which featured a panel of cinematographers representing the spectrum of diversity in Canada. The DC was formed earlier this year, and gained momentum in light of the current climate of events happening globally. The purpose of the panel, moderated […]

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June 04, 2020

CSC Live: Jeremy Benning csc & Gavin Smith csc

Remote Colour Grading with Technicolor Toronto Senior Colourist Mark Kueper + Deluxe Toronto Senior Colourist Joanne Rourke. We take a look at the remote grading set ups in real time used by DP’s Jeremy and Gavin on their respective shows “The Expanse” and “Wynonna Earp”. Special Guests: Deluxe Picture Operations Manager Gary Brown + Technicolor […]

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May 28, 2020

CSC Live: Kristin FieldHouse, Associate Member & Claudine Sauvé csc

Claudine Sauve CSC & Kristin Fieldhouse, Assoc. Member discuss finding “the look” of a project. https://vimeo.com/424940294/9fb3c412bc

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May 21, 2020

CSC Live: Serge Desrosiers CSC & Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC

Serge Desrosiers CSC and Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC take you behind the scenes of the television show The Crown. https://vimeo.com/422017508/ae4ec76aa6

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Mark Irwin CSC ASC and Matt Irwin Assoc. Member

Mark Irwin CSC ASC and Matt Irwin Assoc. Member look back at their work and discuss how they have influenced each other as father and son over the years.

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Cine Live Guide

Cine Live Guide is a global directory of cinematography based livestream content. Easily track online events and where to watch them: live.cineguide.org

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CSC Youtube Channel

Subscribe to the new CSC YouTube Channel. Check out our archives of past events, and look for future CSC Live streaming sessions here.

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Nicholas de Pencier CSC and Iris Ng Assoc. Member

Cinematographers Nicholas de Pencier csc from Anthropocene: The Human Epoch and Iris Ng (Associate Member) discuss documentary cinematography.

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Gregory Middleton CSC ASC

Gregory Middleton CSC ASC will discuss the making of Watchmen and adapting graphic novel styles.

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April 23, 2020

Craig Wrobleski CSC & Neville Kidd ASC

Craig Wrobleski CSC and Neville Kidd ASC from the television series Umbrella Academy will discuss the joys of working with large format cameras like the Alexa 65.

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