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This podcast features Director of Photography Eric Oh CSC MYSC, in conversation with Carolyn Wong of the CSC.

Barcelona based, Eric discusses his early days as an AC, steadicam operator, the CSC members that influenced his career and the importance of keeping calm. He reveals his insight gained from 8 years working in Asia and learning when to go a little out of your comfort zone to progress as a DP. Eric believes in giving back to cinematography societies he’s part of, notably with CSC socials and as a founding member of the Malaysian Society of Cinematographers.
Guest hosted on the CSC Instagram Feb. 15-28, 2019.

Podcast production services were provided courtesy of ZERO11ZERO.

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CSC Live: Serge Desrosiers CSC & Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC

Serge and Adriano take a look behind the scenes of “The Crown”. Serge debuts the behind the scenes video he created during a visit to Adriano’s set.


CSC Live: Mark Irwin CSC ASC & Matt Irwin Associate Member

Mark Irwin CSC ASC and Matt Irwin Assoc. Member look back at their work and discuss how they have influenced each other as father and son over the years.


CSC Live: Nicholas De Pencier csc & Iris Ng Associate Member

Cinematographers Nicholas de Pencier csc from Anthropocene: The Human Epoch and Iris Ng, Associate Member discuss documentary cinematography.


CSC Live: Gregory Middleton CSC ASC

Gregory discusses visual design of Watchmen.


CSC Live: Catherine Lutes csc & Guy Godfree csc

Catherine (Anne with an E) and Guy (Maudie) discuss their prep processes for TV series and feature film work.


CSC Live: Brendan Uegama csc

Brendan discusses the concept of lighting with colour contrast, on some of his shows such as Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Katy Keene and Child’s Play.


2019 Awards Gala


CSC Live: Boris Mosjovski csc and Brendan Steacy csc

Boris and Brendan co-host this live streaming event on April 2nd, 2020 where they discuss working together as alternating DP’s on the series “Titans”.

CSC Audio Files Podcasts

Boris Mojsovski csc

This podcast features Director of Photography Boris Mojsovski csc in conversation with Jeremy Benning csc.
Boris discusses his work on the DC Comics series Titans, as well as 12 Monkeys, the concept of working with a co-DP on an episodic TV series and his general approach to prep and on-set lighting.

Guest hosted on our Instagram 16-30 Oct 2017.

Podcast production services were provided courtesy of Treehaus Sound.

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