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August 01, 2023

Like ‘Entering Uncharted Territory,’ Participants Say After Epic VP Masterclass

CSC held an unprecedented three-day Masterclass that left participants feeling they’d traveled “uncharted territory.”

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July 14, 2023

Industry Strikes in the US: Canadians Brace for Impact

The impact of the strike will know no borders, and the Canadian industry will be affected.

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July 12, 2023

CSC Members Among 2023 Emmy Nominees

CSC congratulates Dean Cundey CSC ASC & C. Kim Miles CSC ASC MYSC on their Emmy nominations!

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July 04, 2023

Summer 2023 Issue

Check out the Summer issue of Canadian Cinematographer Magazine.

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June 25, 2023

New Full Members

We welcome new full members: Christopher Lew csc, Jeff Maher csc, Stephen Mair csc & Marc Simpson-Threlford csc

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Virtual Production Masterclass

Join the CSC and industry experts for a three-day masterclass on Virtual Production.

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Insight: Harald Ortenburger csc

Legendary camera operator Harald Ortenburger csc shares advice from his 30+ year career.

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May 25, 2023

The CSC Partners with CineGround on hosting CSC Montreal Space

The CSC partners with CineGround to house CSC Montreal Space for workshops, screenings & events.

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66th Annual CSC Awards

Presenting the 2023 66th Annual CSC Awards winners.

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Insight: Catherine Lutes csc

Award-winning cinematographer Catherine Lutes talks about how to empower yourself with imperfections and how to network without even knowing it.

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