Program Detail

A pan-Canadian partnership with the CSC is an opportunity to improve access to opportunity in the film and television industry, increase the talent pool, build new audiences, build relationships with the community, and prepare for advancing technology.  We are investing in four program areas:

One. Building a bridge

Building a bridge between people in marginalized communities and the film and television industry will allow a pipeline of new talent to be created.

 The bridge will:

  1. Be the path of community outreach and recruitment by the industry into marginalized communities
  2. Be a path for underrepresented talent to access the industry
  3. Provide a space for new talent to prepare for entry into internship and mentorship programs
  4. Build sustainable relationships with community and industry stakeholders  

The bridge will be the way in which the industry can increase the talent coming into the pipeline. The CSC Membership structure allows us to:

  • Offer ongoing support to people recruited in marginalized communities across the country 
  • Provide a pathway to building a network within the industry

Building a bridge detail

Two. Education

“It’s difficult to be in this industry without having the resources, network, and financials. So, work hard, love what you do, and when the world gives you a chance, better be ready.”

We can seize the moment to foster a significant growth of diversity in the industry by reaching out across the country and offering and providing opportunities to be part of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers trailblazing Education Program, which is made up of four components: internship, mentorship, the CSC Live virtual series and an in-person Workshop Series on six topics.  

CSC Intern Program

Our internship goal is to facilitate industry-led learning opportunities with the eye to providing practical job skills, offering a 12-week paid program that includes 3 4-week placements: 

  • In a rental house
  • On the set of a live production 
  • In a post-production facility 

The placements above will be supplemented by union courses, such as the set-etiquette courses. We see the mentorship program as a long-term effort with measurable results.

The CSC will help many young and aspiring cinematographers by driving content to directly help their careers, as well as gain a wider audience around the world, expanding reach and influence in the cinematography industry.

CSC Mentorship Program

“Hey! My name is Ashley Iris Gill and I’m a Toronto-based cinematographer … I first got into film by way of writing as a child. I used to write a lot & would build whole worlds in my head.” #AshleyIrisGill 

Part of building a bridge between diverse communities is the CSC mentorship program. Developed and initiated on a volunteer basis by CSC members and aimed at reducing barriers especially for Black, Indigenous, people of colour and women, it runs twice a year and offers mentees a minimum of 10 hours with a CSC member over six months. For its spring 2021 sessions, the CSC received 111 applications and currently has 80 mentor/mentee relationships in place. To respond to the level of interest, the CSC needs support for the program to: 

  • Provide sensitivity and unconscious bias training to all program participants once a year, with each new session of mentees undergoing training
  • Hire a part-time administrator to help run the program, recruiting mentees, help drafting correspondence, communicate with program participants, do mentor/mentee pairings 
  • Evaluate the program
  • Provide regular updates to program sponsors and CSC leadership
  • Provide training to all program participants once a year, with each new session of mentees undergoing training

We see the mentorship program as a long-term effort with measurable results.


In addition to partnering with CSC sponsor companies to present discussion events regarding current technology and applications, the CSC has developed its own highly regarded series of specialist training, including:

  • Technology and process modules related to cameras, lenses, lightning
  • Core fundamental workshops for entry level cinematographers
  • Extensive high-level modules for Camera Assistants 
  • Imaging and lighting workshops for people of various skill levels in film/tv production, commercials, and documentaries
  • Advanced workshops led by full member cinematographers for skill progression
  • Introductory workshops for actors and others for understanding on-set interplay with a camera team

CSC Virtual Live Events

The lack of online educational content about cinematography careers leaves emerging cinematographers and camera crew in the cold. The CSC Live Virtual Series features CSC members talking about their work and offering instruction around a specific topic.  Our goal is to produce 25 CSC Live events per year for the next three years created in every region of the country. We are offering a 5-episode package per CSC Live Event sponsor.

Three. Creating an environment for advancing technology

“Ever since the shift from silents to talkies, from black-and-white to Technicolor, from hand-painted sets to CGI, this industry has always been about innovation, creativity and good old movie magic. We can’t wait for the digital revolution.”

CSC wants to ensure equal access to the technology that will dominate the industry’s future. In addition to partnering with CSC sponsors to present events on advancing technology and its applications, the CSC is developing its own series of advancing technology workshops, which are continually evolving, and the content of which is being determined by CSC members who are currently working on advanced VP sets and understand the kind of specific training necessary. Each session would be conducted in several locations across the country over three years.

Four. Creating a central hub

A key piece of The Future is Calling Campaign is the creation of a central hub for the CSC to execute a pan-Canadian strategy that will be a place for creating the content for its educational programming, coordinating its mentorship and internship program, and providing a trusted channel of information on advancing technology, as well as a gathering place for members, interns, mentees, and the industry personnel. 

Under one roof, we’d have: 

  • A studio space suitable for creating CSC-branded content 
  • Coordinating its mentorship and internship program
  • A warm and hospitable meeting place for members, sponsors, supporters, and their guests
  • A space to host receptions
  • A means to show-off some of the historical equipment the society possesses
  • Office space for CSC’s growing staff
  • Bringing the best of cinematography under one roof
Photo by Proxyclick

Accessible by public transit, the CSC hub will be a vibrant centre for the CSC and an attraction for current and future members. 

For more information about The Future is Calling Campaign, please download the campaign’s Case for Support 

Or for more information about The Future is Calling Campaign, please contact:

Gail Picco, Campaign Director,  416-799-1993

Susan Saranchuk, Executive Officer,  416-266-0591